Omni Modular System

The CONDOR system Omni is a modular formwork system combined with GPH20 wooden beams, steel ledgers and multilayer panels in contact with the casting.

OMNI is a formwork for walls, that can be adapted to any planning requirement, according to specific static and functional needs, thanks to standard production components allowing to obtain any required configuration.

This type of casting is particularly suitable in cases that require special concrete finishing. When using CONDOR system Omni it is necessary to take into consideration: the type and size of the covering panels, the method to fix covering panels, the length and height of the modules, the modular placement of rods, the pressure of the fresh concrete, the position for any eventual overlap, the length and distance of the beams and the location of the ledgers.

With this product it is possible to realise walls and pillars with any simple or complex shape; the use of service platforms allows to work in a safe way.

Omni formwork has a kind of junction allowing an accurate alignment of modules, which, when composed, can reach up to 12m casting height.

Modular Formwork Omni

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