GD 600 system

GD600 is a trench lining system to protect excavation and canalization works up to 6,00m depth and 5,00m width.
The GD600 auto-sinking double track system, thanks to the use of frame, constituted by the track, the sliding trolley and the fixed extentions, allows to get a parallel system, reducing the friction of the single panels, during both the assembling and disassembling phase.

The double track allows the vertical adjustment of the sliding trolley, in order to adjust the contrast spacers to any height to facilitate all the operations on the bottom of the excavation.

The 2,50m height between the bottom of the excavation and the contrast spacer allows the positioning of great dimensions manufactures, always guaranteeing safety, productivity and flexibility, while working in the trench with an available width from 1,00m up to 5,00 m.

The system has been designed to support pressures up to 45 kN/m2.

GD 600 shoring system

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