MA self-sinking system

In the case in which the soil is crumbly, sandy or in the presence of water, use MA shoring. A 1.25 m deep pre-excavation is made and the pre-assembled box is plunged in the excavation. In this phase, workers shall not be in the excavation.

With the excavator bucket, press the box on the panels on the two sides alternately. Repeated the operation until you reach the bottom of the excavation.
The spacers of CONDOR shoring are mounted on the panels via spring heads, to facilitate scuttling.

For higher dig depth use the top unit. The positioning of risers takes place by means of the excavator.

The top unit is attached to the excavator and then dropped on the box base which is already inside the trench. Even in this case it can reach a 3.20 m depth, using both the shoring panel and the top unit.

Panels can be linked together to obtain a continuous connection in the sense of the length. The box can be moved through site means such as excavators, loaders, backhoes.

MA Shoring

In every digging operation as well as armor laying, disarmament, handling, the use of crawler loaders machinery is recommended, in order to eliminate problems in the operation of the wheel because of tipping sites and soil instability.

Use approved machinery and handling equipment.

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