20 Flex System

20 flex is a formwork system, used for the slabs, full casting or prefabricated beams. It is composed by yellow beams supported by cross-headed props.

The props used are the CEP10, 20 and 30. It is possible to use also ALUCP props for interfloor heights more than 6m. It is a free scheme system: the mesh to be used is decided based on the thickness of the slab and the load capacity of the props.

Formwork system for 20 flex Slab

On the other side, the maximum distance between the secondary frame beams is 50 cm. The system, according to the slab, has a single frame or a double frame.


- Economy
- Free Scheme
- Ease of assembly
- Few elements
- Large under paths.


1) Props
2) Tripods
3) Cross-heads
4) GPH20 yellow beams.

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