Eco system

ECO is a formwork system for slab casting with anticipated removal. The system is composed by GPH20 beams, TDA drop-heads and intermediate support heads.

Props used are CEP-10/ CEP-20 / CEP-30 and ALUCP.

It is a free scheme system: the mesh to be used is decided based on the thickness of the slab and the load capacity of the props.
The maximum distance among primary frame beams is 200 cm.
The maximum distance among secondary frame beams is 50 cm instead.
In both cases the beam’s length used is 2.65 m.
The maximum distance among props is 1m, that’s why intermediate props are used with the support head.

TDA head allows an anticipated removal and guarantees stability during the removing procedure; The support head allows the intermediate props fixing; Slab props are homologated EN 1065, have holes for height regulation, their special thread helps the removal of the prop; The tripod is an assembly support for props, the adjustable legs allow a flexible assembly also in corners or close to walls.

After setting up the slab with heads and props and primary and secondary frame beams, according to the relevant figures, you can complete the system by assembling the parapet bar with RD pinch (art. 20003) and wooden planks according to the law.

Slab Formwork Eco

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