In addition to sales, CONDOR also provides businesses with the rental of formwork and scaffolding, service increasingly in demand because of its benefits (reduction of the fleet and for use of a wide range of products controlled and safe).

The rental service CONDOR does not consist in the mere escape of a request. Examined the application of the company, the sales department creates a channel of communication between the client and the internal design team to CONDOR.
At this point the technicians prepare a detailed structural design adapted to provide the most advantageous solution for the customer is from technical point of view ( commissioning times in work at the construction site, safety of work environments ) which, obviously, from the economic point of view.

When designing the best technical solution CONDOR offers to its customers the opportunity to carry out inspections on construction sites through their own technical and commercial aimed at identifying preliminary of all the possible variations that may affect the performance of the products during the rental.

Processed the dispatch order is submitted to the customer. Upon receipt of the order confirmation, the products - and reviewed before delivery - are delivered in a short time directly on site. Together with the products also are available on request:

  • executive projects
  • 3D render
  • security plans
  • calculation reports
  • user manuals
  • booklets and certificates of conformity of - equipment used
  • video illustrating the mounting of the equipment

Restoration and Cleaning

To appreciate a product you evaluate the results and benefits that it allows us to obtain. Who chooses the shuttering brand CONDOR knows he can rely on a product that ensures excellent finishing of the surface layer of concrete and durability. These characteristics arising from the quality and condition of the wood which is used to produce them.

For formwork systems CONDOR are also guaranteed the restoration and cleaning.


When, after the rental has been returned a formwork, skilled workers responsible for the control of the state of the formwork. Should you need a repair carried out with the high-tech mechanical systems.


In a second time, then, the total undergo a cleaning operation, carried out with innovative machinery.

Everything always ensures the customer to have a fleet tested and ready for use.

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