The Modular - Mobile scaffold

CONDOR mobile scaffoldis suitable and much exploited in external works. It is produced in Italy, Turin and Avellino plants. It is employed mainly in refurbishment works and building façade maintenance, or anywhere you need to work in height.

An electrolytic galvanization guarantees a long-lasting resistance to atmospheric agents. Every single span is sized 1,85x1,12 mt, and it can reach 1,80 up to 19,80 meters height, being every module 1,20 mt high. Decking loading capacity up to 200kgs; its base is stackable and 0,60 mt high, rolling on four 200mm diameter wheels.

Solid and robust, the so - called Modularis made of a 48mm diameter tubes that compose the loadbearing structure; the usual board, employed in any traditional scaffolding, can be utilized.

THE MODULAR is available in various configurations, with a height ranging from 1.80 m to 7.80 m

mobile scaffold

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