Comax Wall Formwork
Painted and galvanized steel
Plywood: Multi-layered with phenolic-based coating and multi-layered with polyolefin coating (LONGLIFE)

Usage: For walls, pillars, vertical-type castings.
Concrete Pressure: 100 Kn/SqM
Higher level performance and higher pouring capacity

New: OPTIMO formwork
Metal frame formwork
Use: ideal for small wall and strut castings
Concrete Pressure: up to 60 kN/m2
Smooth surface finishing

Adatto Wall Formwork
Use: For walls, pillars, retaining walls, retaining walls and vertical-type castings
Concrete Pressure: 60 Kn/SqM
Modular and Adaptable

Steel and birch plywood panels
Using: Circular structures or curved, S-shaped walls (silos, tanks and stacks circular, etc.)
Concrete Pressure: 60 Kn/SqM
Speed and Flexibility of use

Metal formwork for circular columns
Use: Pillars circular surfaces facing
Concrete Pressure: 150 Kn/SqM
Speed and security

Special Omni Formwork
Wooden beams, steel ledgers, plywood panel
Usage: Custom design for casting concrete (SCC)
Pressure jet: without pressure limits
Adaptable to any kind of project