CONDOR an international patent to work safely


Investing in research and development to safeguard the workers’ health and prevent injuries on-site

Spreading the culture on safety matters, reducing the risk of injury and improving working conditions, as an ethical value and pattern of development in international markets – that’s the aim.

Condor, a company specialized in innovative systems  for the construction industry, aims to enhance the prevention to protect workers’ health and obtains a new international patent: the risk-free, a scaffolding frame that allows mounting and dismantling staff to operate safely even without a fall arrest system,  thanks to the special parapet mounted from below.

The Italian multinational company has also obtained the main certifications for the multicom, which allows you to safely mount all types of facade scaffolding, supporting towers or supporting slabs, public stairs 60 meters high, coverings up to 30 meters, pedestrian walkways, public and emergency stairs, stages and platforms for sporting events or performance, as well as special works.

Thanks to a R&D centre, plus a state-of-art quality check,  CONDOR has started years ago a virtuous path, focusing on the study of innovative solutions and representing excellence in the design and manufacture of scaffolding, formwork for walls and slabs, supporting structures, shoring for excavations in safety, facilities for the show, grandstands and stages.

"In a technologically advanced country - says Francesco Petrosino,CONDOR Managing Director– investing  in safety can no longer be considered a variable, but yes, it should be a constant imperative, from both an ethical and professional point of view. We are engaged in projects that respond to a threefold need:  maximum efficiency with our partners, relevant European standards on safety, prevent potential injuries. Health matters should not be a luxury of a few ones, but a best practice for everyone."

Just a few months ago, the former Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Enrico Giovannini,signed the inter-ministerial decree on musical stage safety, platforms mounted in theatres and film sets, as well as in rehearsal  facilities, events which  CONDOR is the supplier of.

"We welcome this decision- concluded Petrosino-which helps to avoid many on-site injuries, enlightening where it is necessary to provide assistance for temporary or mobile sites, or when a coordinator of safety must take the lead during planning and, later, the realization of a project."

But there are  more initiatives that Candor put on the table. As soon as a safer slab formwork had been launched on the market, CONDOR set up a team of experts who are in change of educational and experimental projects, finalising  safer and constantly-advanced products.