A significant contract in Algeria for the CONDOR


The Italian multinational company will be involved in the planning of great infra-works commissioned by the Algerian government.

CONDOR, a company specialized in innovative products for the building and infrastructure industries has gotten a paramount contract in Algeria for a total value of EUR 2 million.

A prestigious award for the Italian multinational company, widely appreciated on international markets for reliability and compliance of its products to higher safety standards.

CONDOR will be involved in the planning of great infra-works, mainly for housing and infrastructures, which the Algerian government has committed to bp companies.

Therefore, the strong drive goes on towards internationalization and penetration of new markets in the MENA region, which last year peaked a 30% increase on turnover.

From this point of view, Algeria is a great opportunity, strategically speaking, since the macroeconomic framework is stable and still characterized, financially speaking, by highly positive indicators.

The current investment plan focus, in fact, is on the development of infrastructures like: roads, motorways, infrastructures, civil and industrial building, supermarkets and stores, sport centres and public housing.

The new government, in force from September 2012, is prioritizing the construction of 1,6 million of public accommodations and integrated city. Only in the second half of 2013 the operational phase of these projects started, engaging all major cities of the country.

And in this economic scenario CONDOR gets awarded, by being so in good relationship with local companies in recent years. The company count on few offices abroad, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Bucharest (Romania) and Moscow (Russia), but it is also very active in Algiers with a trade delegation; from May 4th to 8th it was spotlighted at the XVII edition of Batimatec fair - Salon International du Batiment, des Materiaux de Construction et des Travaux Publics, the most important event in the African continent dedicated to the construction industry and infrastructure projects, settled at SAFEX, the exhibition centre of Algiers.