1.Stazione Marittima, Salerno 2.Stazione Marittima, Salerno 3.Stazione Marittima, Salerno 4.Stazione Marittima, Salerno 5.Stazione Marittima, Salerno 6.Stazione Marittima, Salerno 7.Stazione Marittima, Salerno

Maritime Station

Designed by the architect Zaha Hadid, the maritime station of Salerno is characterized by the special structure of concrete beams and roof formed by the intersection of Euclidean geometry and made of concrete, all with thicknesses in excess of 60cm. To construction site the entire surface of the technicians condor have developed a system of shoring studied ad hoc, able to adapt to different geometries imposed by the project.

Specifically Condor has provided towers multicom flow variable section to deal with the complex geometry of the coverage that plays an oyster projected into the sea. The technical Condor has designed towers flow variable height creating as many as 400 different types of towers. To the particular geometry of the cover is then added also the high weights of the same (60 cm thick reinforced concrete) and the need to have to disarm a clean surface to ensure the effect of "Make Vista" required by the project. The support structure has also been monitored by the technical team Condor during about 12 hours of being cast with checks every 60 minutes. The towers of flow Multicom have enabled thereby to ensure and to get the results of safety and aesthetics required by the complex design of the structure.

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