Tribune Scaffolding

Multicom galleries are ideal for various types of sporting events as well as openair and indoor shows. Galleries are constructed using modular elements (side panels, cross-pieces, seat-holding frames, class 1 multilayer step plank) and are mounted on a substructure using standard multicom system elements.

Each module is 150 x 250 cm and it is made up of two 250 mm high steps. The seat frame is 30 x 250 cm and mounts 5 propylene unibody seats, available with or without seatback.

The galleries are independent from the staircases, made of rectangular steps with an anti-slip tread surface. This surface is 150 cm wide, 12.5 cm high with a tread measuring 37.5 cm.

The side and rear railings are built in galvanised steel and have a minimum height of 100.5 cm. They are suitable for supporting a horizontal pressure, acting on the handrail, of 150 Kg/m.

The galleries can support their own weight as well as a distributed 600 kg/m2 besides the load specified by the ledger legal standards (UNI 9217 and subsequent integrations).

The planking levels are made of anti-slip, fireproof (first class). The galleries are supplied with a suitable rain water draining system.

Scaffolding for Tribunes

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