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Renovation of the arcobaleno tower in Milan and CONDOR warka water to help rural populations


The Italian company unveils at the international exposition a plan of urban redevelopment of an important industrial monument in Milan, and a prototype to collect water in arid areas around the globe.

Water it’s the common denominator of the projects which CONDOR SpA - a company specialized in innovative systems for building and infrastructures – will present in Expo Milano 2015.
Two different projects sharing the same themes of green building and sustainability.

A prestigious event, confirming the international presence of the Italian multinational,  and consolidates the company's policy on the subject of social responsibility.

CONDOR will be present at the universal exposition with a very ambitious program, introducing, in may, the renovation of the  Arcobaleno Tower in Milan, and in June, the scientific presentation of the project and the first prototype of CONDOR Warka Water.

The Arcobaleno Tower, built in 1964, was an anonymous water tank in the perimeter of the important railway yard of the train station "Milano Porta Garibaldi".
During the World Football Cup organized in Italy in 1990 was renovated and transformed from a degraded infrastructure into a color and creativity hallmark.

The renovation project, designed for Expo 2015 - with the patronage of the City Hall of Milan, and the collaboration of Italian Railway (FS Italian Group) and the Milanese office Original Designers 6R5 Network - consists of a complex work of modernization, which will be completed in May, thanks to CONDOR equipment and design, and contributions of important companies such as Mapei, Marazzi, Bazzea, FilaSolutions, which, together with Condor,  have provided technical support for the renovation.

"The urban redevelopment project is a tribute to Milan - explains Francesco Petrosino,   General Manager of CONDOR SpA  - and to the millions of visitors that the city will host on the occasion of Expo 2015. Consider that the nearby Piazza Gae Aulenti is recognized as the crucial center of Milan about fashion and modern architecture.
The district finds in the Arcobaleno Tower,  its colored ceramic totem, to remember the potter masters and the artisan origins of an industry recognized all over the world, as the excellence of Made in Italy".

Over the years, the Tower has become a landmark and a symbol of sustainability, just for those who love living intelligently and in harmony with technology, nature, tradition and innovation.

From a water tower symbol of a Smart City, to a water tower needed to improve and sometimes protect life in rural and desert areas: CONDOR Warka Water will be presented in June at Piazza Irpinia, the welcoming area of the Chamber of Commerce of Avellino situated next to the Italy Pavilion of Expo 2015.

The project, born from a collaboration between the architecture office Architecture and Vision and CONDOR Technical Department, is a technologically advanced solution for the serious problem of water scarcity in developing countries.

There are still many areas, in which women and children have to walk for kilometers looking for water, and tap on contaminated reserves.

"CONDOR Warka Water is an innovative structure - says Nunzia Petrosino, CFO of CONDOR SpA and  President of the Youngs of General Confederation of Italian Industry  Campania  - designed to produce drinking water from the air. The system, working passively, collects water from natural sources such as rain, fog condensation of water vapor.

CONDOR Warka Water was designed to help the rural communities which cannot count on infrastructures, and suffer because of the lack of a basic resource: drinking water.

It can be deployed wherever meteorological and environmental characteristics allow the operation of its technology.
The Warka design, created by the Architecture and Vision office, originally used a bamboo structure to support the collecting surfaces.
Architects and engineers of our Technical Department, adapted our multicom technology (multidirectional scaffolding) to the structure of the Warka, improving the efficiency and ensuring greater durability.

Once again, we concretely want to demonstrate our committment in the green evolution of our industry.
Our engineering and management solutions can be used to sustain and support the social and cultural context of the countries where we operate."

CONDOR currently ranks among the major market leaders, in the domestic and international markets, and it is also present in Africa, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Arab Emirates.
On June 9th and 10th , during a workshop directed by architects and authorities of the scientific world, at Piazza Irpinia, inside the expositive area Expo 2015, the prototype and its related applications with the Multicom system, will be presented for the first time.


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