CONDOR @ EXPO Milano 2015: building solutions for a better world.

Building solutions for a better world.  This is the motto introduced by CONDOR, a leading widely-experienced International company manufacturer of formwork, trench shoring and scaffolding systems, to come into play at the EXPO Milano 2015.

“The Expo has been to us a chance to think about our visions, after breaking through geographic barriers of our end markets: the subject about sustainability is groundbreaking  and a matter of how building is perceived, and not only. The building industry is no longer meant as the heart of mere construction, but rather an instrument of sustainable development.  Our R&D team’s activity is sturdily characterized by an innovative wavelength, that is and will be a truly remarkable value for our company” declares Nunzia Petrosino, CONDOR CFO.   

This innovation has been introduced by the company at the EXPO Milano on the 9 and 10 June presenting two projects: CONDOR Warka Waterand #Newframeworks.

Both projects were designed to differently use CONDOR multidirectional scaffolding system, creating  architectural devices that improve the living conditions and the quality of the surrounding environment.

CONDOR Warka Water is an experimental project that would be technologically advanced in response to the serious problems of access to water sources in developing countries.

The project stems from Warka Water, and the device designed by the architect Vittori, from Architecture and Vision, to produce drinking water from the air, collecting it from natural phenomena such as rain, fog and condensation.

The CONDOR R&D Department, in collaboration with Architecture and Vision, adapted the technology of the multicom structure to Warka, originally made out of bamboo, improving the performance and ensuring durability.

 "The sensitivity to these areas comes from the knowledge of the same range that we had over the last few years: Africa is among CONDOR current target markets, along with the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. The discovery of these cultural places, resulting from commercial approaches, the ripening of a sensitivity to the living conditions of these areas and to be concerned of the innovations that affect them" said Francesco Petrosino, CONDOR General Manager.

From the idea of ​CONDOR Warka Water, a new project has been created, #Newframeworks: an online laboratory for innovation open to students and young professionals. Participants are challenged to develop innovative architectural applications with themultidirectional scaffolding Multicom.

NEW FRAMEWORKS was addressed to the community of MOOC Architecture 1o1. Acronym for Massive Open Online Course. A MOOC is an online class where groups of students work and learn on selected issues. Architecture 1o1 is a MOOC focused on teaching the basics of architectural design.
From a design brief, the online community has worked on developing projects for CONDOR between the 2 and 8 June 2015 in an interactive and collaborative on the social network instagram through the hashtag #condor1o1.

Presented at the Expo, the laboratory #Newframeworks will stay online on the dedicated web page, storing the work developed in the contest and developing new ones, in order to structure a permanent innovation workshop.

Both presentations were attended by CONDOR experts, along with arch. Arturo Vittori, prof. Tadess University of Ethiopia and the engineer Marco Lampugnani. They have been very successful and not only the class of students of the Milan Polytechnic was focused on it, but also many onlookers who stopped along to explore the themes, confirming that the building industry is of a common interest especially when it comes to the impact on the territories and living conditions.

"We thank the Chamber of Commerce of Avellino that allowed us and many other companies to demonstrate our excellence during the Expo" concludes Nunzia Petrosino.


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