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Civil Construction

The slab aludeck was designed to increase system performance Ecotop in terms of safety and speed. The attack with their heads drop and the beam to " crocodile" represent some of the elements which have certainly been decisive for the use of the new system on the construction site of L'Aquila. A building site, this, which is inserted in the complex reconstruction of the Abruzzo capital following the disastrous earthquake of 2009. It is a work of housing for the construction of a building for residential use.

The attack of the new system Aludeck is, in fact, an evolution of the formwork for slabs Ecotop. In fact, the drop heads have a self-locking quick release system : insert the head into shore and triggers to pull it out then you have to unlock the latch on. A system that has allowed us to optimize the timing of disarmament with a consequent improvement in the cost of construction. In fact, thanks to the presence of " drop heads " was possible to remove the formwork even after only 48 or 72 hours from the jet ( clearly the times vary depending on the type of cement, the weather conditions, etc.) making them available for the next step, while the attic ripe supported by props. In other words, with one or two series of props for the feed, are unable to work at the construction site with a production rate cyclic standardized. The production cycle with "classic " (21 | 28 days of the traditional system with beams and wood paneling ) can be drastically reduced by up to 50 /70%.

With the so-called " beam crocodile", so named because of its special profile, locking you have a chance to fix the panel with a clear improvement of safety standards in the site, already quite high due to the simple bottom-up assembly.

The elements of the system for floors condors are made of high-strength aluminum, and light enough. Characteristic that allows easy handling and safe.

Technical Support

Technical Support

"Compared to the normal carpentry nails and do not do before. It ' much easier. " This is the comment of Mr. hot. Antonio Erbaio, carpenter, who used the formwork Aludeck the site of L'Aquila.
The engineer Danilo Nurzia, designer and site manager, describes, however, so the system Aludeck:
" It has a degree of safety and economic and laying speed extremely high..... in a yard of considerable dimensions that even in the yard of modest dimensions the system Condor is very competitive "

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